May I?

May I begin to write,
A new chapter of my life,
With unhindered insight?

May I pour out my fear,
About the new beginning,
Which is undeniably near?

May I hesitatingly ask,
If my amateur abilities,
Are adequate for the task?

May I slowly speak,
Of the looming uncertainties,
And of the answers I keenly seek?

May I slyly reveal,
My veiled excitement,
And the magnificent thrill I feel?

May I leave behind,
The unnerving insecurities,
With only confidence in mind?

May I be so bold,
To dream up possibilities,
Of what the future might hold?

May I audaciously form,
My own ultimate destiny,
Whether or not it be the norm?
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About Me!

To escape from the humdrum existence people call "life", I explore the jungle of my mind. A meandering path, with thoughts as my obstacles. I put aside the smiling face of my mother, snapshots of holidays with friends, lost memories of my childhood... All in an attempt to find answers to my branching questions.

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