What it is

Is it a mysterious land that no one has ever set foot upon...?

I'm groping around for the unknown in a foreign territory, which is utterly bewildering. Rational thought cannot define the state of my of mind. I search around blindly for the unexplained, forcing my way through unseen boundaries.

I hope one day I will recognize the reason...

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Is it a ravishing vine that no one has ever seen...?

It is a vine of warmth, entwining itself around my dreams. It grasps firmly onto my hopes for support, flourishing naturally. I am in awe at its swift growth, unable to locate the source of its graceful flowering. It sweeps in through the narrow chasm in my mind with fierce zeal, encircling my thoughts.

I hope one day I will find the root...

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Or is it a puzzle that no one has ever pieced together...?

This puzzle is an unusual one, as it is said. The fringes fit perfectly together, yet it still has many missing pieces. The joy in finding those absent fragments is like no other. I bask in the success of every new discovery I make. I find delight in every new feature I uncover. I celebrate every step of the way.

I hope one day I will know...
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About Me!

To escape from the humdrum existence people call "life", I explore the jungle of my mind. A meandering path, with thoughts as my obstacles. I put aside the smiling face of my mother, snapshots of holidays with friends, lost memories of my childhood... All in an attempt to find answers to my branching questions.

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